I like big books and I cannot lie

They give me feels and make me cry

Oh the tears they well up in my eyes

They spill to the page and my soul dies

wow. it’s over.

it’s over it’s over it’s over it’s over it’s over 

it can’t be over it can’t be over it can’t be over it can’t be over 

but that was a pretty clever way of ending it. it was a pretty satisfying ending. 


it’s over. the infernal devices is over.

never before have i cried that much over a book, truthfully.

sigh, what will i do without the random, yet witty, conversations between will and jem, and tessa as well. what will i do without the beautiful, charming words of jem and will. what will i do without the awesome humour of everyone in the Institute. what do i do what do i do

and it’s sad seeing how everyone passes away. with other epilogues i could always ignore that fact. but then again, the infernal devices was never just another series.

ave atque vale, The Infernal Devices

what am i meant to do now? only way to get over a book… IS TO READ ANOTHER BOOK! YAY!

no no no no no, i am really not ready to see tessa break jem’s heart

omg guys, idk what to feel.

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no no no no, will and tessa. nooooo

too soon too soon too soon too soon too soon too soon jem jem jem jem jem

aww my poor bb uggh idk how to feel. like, i understand it and everything but i don’t ugh

well clockwork princess just keeps on depressing me

page 311

page 311. PAGE 311. PAGE 311!! FREAKING PAGE 311!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why do we have to get so attached to characters, it only kills you

you cannot tell me that that is how we last see jem

please do not tell me



clockwork princess is already killing me

how am i going to survive this omfg

guys, help